The tortured forest
Height 10cm | 4"

The wind that is going to sweep the world

In the tumultuous and war-torn world of Damocles, a new and formidable force has emerged, reshaping the landscape and the very nature of conflict. This force is not an army or a faction, but an impregnable, aggressive forest, known as the "Verdant Stranglehold." Born from the ashes of bacteriological bombardments that marked the twilight of the invasion wars, this forest is unlike any other.

The trees of the Verdant Stranglehold, bound by a mysterious collective intelligence, are not mere passive flora. They are aggressive, sentient entities that attack anyone who dares to encroach upon their territory. Some of these arboreal behemoths possess the astonishing ability to shoot down even the mightiest of tanks, their roots and branches acting as natural artillery. The forest's rapid growth and hostile nature have made it a subject of fear and awe across Damocles.

The factions of Damocles, embroiled in their endless power struggles and territorial disputes, have found a new adversary in this encroaching wilderness. Yet, their preoccupation with their own conflicts has led to a dangerous underestimation of the forest's expansion. Efforts to curb its relentless spread are sporadic and often half-hearted, undertaken only when the survival of a state is directly threatened. All attempts at eradication have met with failure, as if the forest were invincible, adapting to and repelling every strategy thrown against it.

But within this seemingly malevolent force, there lies a sanctuary for the outcasts of Damocles. The reprobate mutants of the mountains, descendants of the last traditionalist clans, have found an unlikely ally in the Verdant Stranglehold. To them, the forest is not just a refuge from the chaos of the world; it is the embodiment of their vengeance against the societies that cast them out. They navigate its perilous depths with a reverence and understanding that no other faction possesses, harnessing its power for their own ends.

The forest's origins are as enigmatic as its behavior. Some speculate that it is a manifestation of Damocles itself, a planet fighting back against the scars of war and exploitation. Others believe it to be the result of alien technology or a forgotten experiment gone awry. Whispers circulate of hidden enclaves within the forest where the secrets of its intelligence might be uncovered, tempting the brave or the foolish to venture into its depths.

As the Verdant Stranglehold continues to grow, it reshapes the geopolitical landscape of Damocles. Borders are redrawn, supply lines are cut off, and military strategies are forced to adapt. The forest has become a wildcard in the power games of the planet, a natural force that respects no flag or creed.

In this world where ancient rivalries and new alliances constantly shift, the Verdant Stranglehold stands as a testament to the unintended consequences of war and the resilience of nature. It is a reminder to the inhabitants of Damocles that there are powers beyond their control, forces that can alter the fate of a world. As the forest grows, so too do the legends and mysteries that surround it, weaving themselves into the rich tapestry of Damocles' history.

I am deeply inspired by the exceptional work of AxoloteGaming and onebitpixel. Their creations are truly remarkable, and I highly recommend exploring and supporting their work – they are outstanding in their field! My journey in remixing has been both exhilarating and educational, largely influenced by their incredible designs. I've dedicated over 600 hours to this endeavor, immersing myself in the process and constantly experimenting with new ideas. The experience has been so captivating that, despite the significant time invested, I feel I've only scratched the surface of what I initially set out to achieve. As you explore these remixes, I kindly ask that you pay special attention to the first layer to avoid fail print.

Painted by Remco Pullen